Custom or Self Build – for you

Custom or Self Build new home. Gorgeous new custom/self build replacement family home.

We get excited about custom and self build new home projects.

If you have a custom or self build new home project, whether it is small, moderate, large or with all bells and whistles, we would love to work with you to help you to achieve your new home vision.

Working closely with you, we will focus on building a strong, effective working relationship with you to help make your custom or self-build experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. We pay attention to detail to meet your vision, specifications and budget at every step.


We can offer complete project management on a fixed price, to create your bespoke new home following our receipt of your design. This includes: liaising with your architect, surveyors, structural engineer, Building Control and other professionals, site prep, full construction, internal fit out, decorating, tiling, floor coverings, landscaping. With regular meetings, we’ll ensure we stay on track with your plan, right up to keys handover on the day you move in. In addition, we can provide a 10 year warranty option.

Alternatively, we can offer a design and build service, to any stage of completion.

You can commission us to build for you on a plot that you own, or ask us about plots that we may own or know of. We may be able to offer either complete project management or a design and build service for both options.

Making it work for you

Our new homes embrace technology to enhance day to day life. We can link you with guidance and examples of products or innovations for great energy efficiency performance and sustainability.

We understand the importance of your budget and we will provide accurate and honest pricing with no hidden costs. In addition, payments can be made through an agreed stage payment plan within your contracted works Building Agreement.

Your new home vision: Our mission to make it a reality

We are members of the NaCSBA

Resources for you:

The National Custom & Self Build Association offers a vast wealth of custom and self build knowledge, information and resources. Located in Swindon, the The National Self Build & Renovation Centre which offers a similarly very valuable resource for the custom or self builder.